Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills

Buyer Beware: Daniel Gingerich

September 08, 2021 Bailing Out Benji Season 1 Episode 42
Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills
Buyer Beware: Daniel Gingerich
Show Notes

This week we share more details about one of the worst USDA licensed puppy mills in the country! Learn how you can help us ensure that puppy mill breeders like Daniel Gingerich get shut down for good! And take note as we list the New York and Florida pet stores who sell his puppies!

We also share an inspiring  update on one of his victims, a shy Golden Retriever named Eleanor, whose story we shared in last week's episode. 

Learn how you can help us educate by joining us for Puppy Mill Awareness month! 
Share your puppy mill survivors' stories with us, and we may feature them on a future episode!  Email audio files, photos, videos, and/or written stories to

To learn more about Daniel Gingerich and his horrific puppy mill, go here:

Americans are used to being on the lookout for a scam, but authorities are warning of a new kind of fraud. Puppy Kingpin shines a spotlight on Jolyn Noethe, a secretive businesswoman from Iowa who is accused of laundering puppies much like drug money. Investigative reporter Alex Schuman exposes the scheme and an underground part of the industry bringing us the pets we love.

From Neon Hum Media and Sony Music Entertainment. Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin is available June 16th. 

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