Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills

Compassion Fatigue in Animal Welfare

March 02, 2021 Bailing Out Benji Season 1 Episode 18
Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills
Compassion Fatigue in Animal Welfare
Show Notes

This week we sat down with Hilary Hager of the Humane Society of the United States and got real about compassion fatigue! 

Compassion fatigue effects us all. After all, there is only so much we can endure, especially when we take on the suffering of others time and time again.  Eventually, we all need a break to recharge in order to be more effective for the animals who "would never ask us to suffer on their behalf."  Tune in to learn more about compassion fatigue and how you can avoid it and be your best self for the animals who need you most!

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