Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills

The Doggie in the Window with Rory Kress

January 13, 2021 Bailing Out Benji, Rory Kress Season 1 Episode 11
Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills
The Doggie in the Window with Rory Kress
Show Notes

If someone wanted to become an expert on puppy mills overnight there is one book we would recommend, and that book is The Doggie in the Window by Rory Kress!
 Every animal advocate should tune in to this incredible interview as Rory discusses how she learned about puppy mills after buying a puppy from a pet store.  Discover how her dog, Izzie, ended up changing the direction of her life and made her into one of the most thought-provoking and investigative advocates against the puppy mill industry.  From investigative journalist to animal advocate to future attorney for the animals!  Rory Kress is one of the most knowledgeable educators on the topic of puppy mills, commercial breeding dog behavior, the USDA, and the Animal Welfare Act.  
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Americans are used to being on the lookout for a scam, but authorities are warning of a new kind of fraud. Puppy Kingpin shines a spotlight on Jolyn Noethe, a secretive businesswoman from Iowa who is accused of laundering puppies much like drug money. Investigative reporter Alex Schuman exposes the scheme and an underground part of the industry bringing us the pets we love.

From Neon Hum Media and Sony Music Entertainment. Smoke Screen: Puppy Kingpin is available June 16th. 

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